Our Company

Színfolt - Fine Living

How we started

Színfolt was established in 1991 in Budapest Hungary and was founded with the aim to produce & export wooden home accessories to Hungary and beyond. In last 2 decades, our business policy was influenced by many changes, and we have learned and experienced a lot and came to the conclusion the customer satisfaction is most important to us. We therefore consistently try to improve client needs and strive for the highest quality possible. Our office and small factory is based in Budapest, Hungary.

Who we cater for

In the 1990’s we mainly focused on the regional Hungarian market and gradually expanded all across the Europe. Initially we started solely as B2B but recently also cater for end consumers. Feel free to browse through our online shop. There are certain goods that can be bought in wholesaler volume only and are marked as such. We are looking forward to hear from you and if you have any open questions please don´t hestiate to contact us via phone (+36-1-4811051) or write as an email: info[at]szinfolt.hu

Wooden items

Are passion is wood and wine. We therefore have dedicated our time to items and goods of value, quality and beauty. The main product lines are made of Hungarian native wood such as beech, oak and others.

Client focus

Business to business or business to client. We are sure to find the right solution for you. Please contact us today. Our team is highly experienced and will help you out.

Bank details

Tatra Bank, Pohraničná 21
94501 Komárno, Slovakia
IBAN: SK57 1100 0000 0029 4400 2440