CORAVIN – Capsules (2 pcs)


Coravin capsules (2 pcs.)



Coravin capsule. Each product purchased from us is sold with 2 bottles filled with 99.99% argon gas. (Argon gas does not destroy the drink and has no harmful effects on health.) One capsule is enough to fill about 15 glasses of wine. We recommend opening the bottle after pouring 2-4 glasses of wine if you see that it is expected to be consumed.

About the Coravin Wine System:


Coravin introduces unopened wine. It is especially recommended for restaurants, hotels and various catering companies because it allows for occasional tasting for guests. In many cases, the dear guests just want to get a taste of the drink, in which case the opening of the bottle in some form is inevitable. Coravin Model One and Model Two are an excellent solution for this case, as you can enjoy wine consumption without breaking the plug and lock. The closed bottle thus preserves the quality and taste of the unopened drink for a long time.

Revolutionary technology prevents the oxidation of wine, so each glass is like the first. After tasting the wine, you don’t have to bother closing the bottle and the air left in the bottle because the drink can be filled without breaking the stopper and cap. In creating Coravin’s premium quality products, careful attention has also been paid to aesthetics to provide an elegant look in any environment.

The Coravin experience:

Its unique technology allows the wine to be filled without breaking the glass and avoiding oxidation.

Easier than you think:

You can pour wine quickly and easily. It can be used and cleaned in a few steps.

Custom design:

The needle works like a medical needle, so it will not break, puncture, or damage the plug. After removing the needle, the plug closes without leaking.