CORAVIN – Decanter (Aerator)


Coravin – Decanter (Aerator)


Decanter (Aerator)

The wine was poured into a decanter jug ​​and ventilated for hours. With Coravin Decanter , this time can be shortened without losing the quality of the drink. In a restaurant or a dinner of friends with traditional ventilation, you have to wait 1-3.5 hours for your favorite wine to tame and show its true aroma. Obviously no one has that much time or patience for this. The Coravin Decanter helps with this. It ventilates our wine quickly and excellently, making it edible in no time. Connect the Coravin Decanter to any Coravin Model, then fill the glass with one swipe. When you use Coravin, you can immediately decant your drink.

Coravin introduces unopened wine. It is especially recommended for restaurants, hotels and various catering companies because it allows for occasional tasting for guests. In many cases, the dear guests just want to get a taste of the drink, in which case the opening of the bottle in some form is inevitable. Coravin is an excellent solution for this case, as you can enjoy your wine without breaking the plug and lock. The closed bottle thus preserves the quality and taste of the unopened drink for a long time. Click here to see a video of how the product works.


The Coravin experience:

Its unique technology allows the wine to be filled without breaking the glass and avoiding oxidation.

Easier than you think:

You can pour wine quickly and easily. It can be used and cleaned in a few steps.

Custom design:

The needle works like a medical needle, so it will not break, puncture, or damage the plug. After removing the needle, the plug closes without leaking.


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