CORAVIN – Screw Cap (adapter for screw-capped bottles)




CORAVIN – Screw Cap 6pcs

A new product from the Coravin family is introduced to the market that allows you to “open” screw-capped bottles. Unscrew the metal screw cap from the glass in the traditional way and screw the Coravin Screw Cap back onto the mouth of the glass. After the operation, the glass can be “opened” in the usual way with the help of the Coravin device at any time. It is important to place the Coravin Screw Cap – as the drink has been exposed to air for a few moments when the cap is removed – immediately on the bottle and then use the Coravin to pump gas, displacing the small amount of air at the top of the bottle. The Coravin Screw Cap , like cork stoppers, can be pierced nearly 50 times and retains the excellent quality of the wine for 3 months, the product does not need to be removed after the first application and remains all the way to the mouth of the bottle. Click here for a short video on how to use it. The package includes 6 standard plastic caps : which is 95% compatible with wine bottles.


The Coravin experience:

Its unique technology allows the wine to be filled without breaking the glass and avoiding oxidation.


Easier than you think:

You can pour wine quickly and easily. It can be used and cleaned in a few steps.


Custom design:

The needle works like a medical needle, so it will not break, puncture, or damage the plug. After removing the needle, the plug closes without leaking.


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