Vin Bouquet Dropper



One of the most practical members of the Vin Bouquet product family. Wine lovers and frequent wine consumers prefer to use the so-called. a dropper, the function of which is to protect the glass, our clothes or even the tablecloth from the drink accidentally dripping next to it, inserted into the mouth of the wine bottle. Its use allows the wine to be filled quickly and cleanly, so you don’t have to spend hours removing stains after drinking the drink. The dropper is designed so that it does not soak from the beverage through it during use, thus ensuring the purity and reliability of the product.

The silver-gray color of the Vin Bouquet Dropper is restrained, elegant and unobtrusive. Great for all types of drinks.

The drip tray is easy to use, with just a few steps, you can refill your wine in the comfort of your own home, clean and spotless.

  1. Roll up and place the dropper in the mouth of the bottle so that it is half-exposed.
  2. Pour the drink into the glass without worrying about dripping.
  3. After use, simply wash with warm running water, then dry and store until the next use.
  4. Never put it in the dishwasher!

The dropper, as read, is easy to clean and doesn’t take up much space in your kitchen. A product that has been washed at high temperatures for a long time may lose its quality, so it is important to wash it by hand only! A package contains 5 products.



Using the dropper is spotless and drip-free.


A package contains 5 drops.

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Its packaging is demanding and elegant