Electric vacuum pump


Vacuum pump, electric


Electric vacuum pump

The wine vacuum pump is a tool for keeping wine fresh. Storing previously decomposed wine is a very difficult task. Many people try many different ways to preserve the character and quality of the drink. However, most of these do not promise absolute success. It is important to note that returning the stopper alone does not guarantee that the drink will remain fresh and of good quality. So how do we get our wine to provide the same experience on the second break as it did on the very first time?


The Vin Bouquet product family offers a solution for this as well. Just the push of a button and the electric vacuum pump removes air from the bottle, making the wine perfectly sealable. Thanks to this, the taste and aroma last for a long time. The high quality of the product is guaranteed by the Vin Bouquet name. The name of the Spanish company is intertwined with wine consumption. Its wine opener and various wine accessories not only help you to consume and store the drink, but also lend a special atmosphere to each bottle.


Comfortable, easy and clean to use, eliminating unpleasant kitchen accidents. M made from quality parts, cleaning does not require. We sell you an electric vacuum pump with a rechargeable base and display!

We sell our product in a sophisticated and practical box. The box contains 2 plugs that are interchangeable. (Plugs can be purchased separately in pairs in our webshop.)


Electric vacuum pump dimensions:

  • height: 325 mm
  • width: 125 mm
  • Depth: 110mm
  • Net weight: 0.367 kg


FIC002 copy

Electric vacuum pump in rechargeable base

FIC002pack copy

Vacuum pump in demanding packaging