Elis Sense – electric spice grinders with state-of-the-art technology

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Peugeot Elis Sense high-tech, electric acrylic-stainless salt mill and pepper mill. Unique ergonomics thanks to touch control. All you have to do is touch the switch on the top of the grinder to operate.

– u’Select adjustment mechanism adjusts grind fineness

– made of stainless steel and acrylic, 20 cm high

– 6 db. shipped with

– Available in pairs at a lower price

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Electric grinder from Peugeot

Lovers of gastronomy and technology will not be disappointed with Elis Sense electric spice grinders: fast and quiet with revolutionary new touch control, built-in LED lighting, modern design and material use. This advanced grinder starts working as soon as the user touches its side and the touch button at the top at the same time. And the auto-on LED light helps to flavor the food properly.


Elis grinders feature Peugeot’s patented u’Select mechanism, which makes it extremely easy to adjust grinding fineness. All you have to do is turn the bottom ring to select the six different grinding finenesses. All grinding devices are made specifically for the given spice, of course made of steel, which has the advantage of high wear resistance and an efficiently designed cutting edge. View usage:

Peugeot revolutionized gastronomy in 1874, when the first table salt grinder, the “Model Z”, appeared on the market. This innovative approach currently lives on with the Elis Sense grinder and leads the market for table grinders. Traditional spice grinders can be found in many households, but Peugeot Elis Sense grinders are showing a new path. The Peugeot name is a guarantee of an excellent product.

Peugeot History:

When the Peugeot name is heard, everyone first thinks of cars. However, the history of the French company took a completely different path to world conquest.
The history of the Peugeot company began with Jean-Pierre Peugeot, who entered the textile industry. As a result of his work, he left his sons Jean-Pierre and Jean-Frédéric Peugeot with a fabric dyeing workshop, an oil factory and a mill. Around 1810, the two boys converted the mill near Montbéliard and set out to produce rolled steel.
The Peugeot Brothers (Peugeot Fréres) initially made springs, saw blades, hand tools, as well as coffee grinders and women’s skirt tires. Steel mill products were so popular that they were used in many parts of France. Good quality and impeccably functioning goods have become a popular tool in cafes and restaurants.
In 1885, a turning point came in the company’s profile: the automotive industry appeared. Over the years, cars have become the most important products of the company. However, the success of mill products is demonstrated by the fact that they have been manufactured and marketed around the world for more than a century.
Be part of the Peugeot experience!

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