Folding wine rack


Foldable wine rack for 10 bottles


Folding wine rack

Practical folding wine bottle rack for 10 bottles. The direct advantage of this product is that it can be folded, so if you do not use it, you can store it in a small place without any problems. It can be conveniently placed in an apartment or in a cellar, and it is guaranteed to create a real wine cellar atmosphere from your home. The wine rack is made of high quality beech wood to give its environment character for a long time. When making it, we strived to be seen not only as simple furniture, but also as an indispensable accessory for wine consumption. You can forget about awkward and impractical solutions with our wine rack forever. Wines from the same vintage, variety or just the same wine region can be placed in it perfectly. You can store all your bottles in one place so you don’t forget the exact location of a bottle for years.

Modern style, extremely strong stand. The product is delivered assembled, so you don’t have to bother assembling it at home. Cleaning is easy, quick and easy. It is made of strong beech wood, which can be painted, varnished, adjusted to the color of the kitchen furniture or the environment. Another advantage of our product is that it is extremely stable so that it can be placed anywhere in your home without any problems.

Dimensions of the folding wine rack when open:

  • length: 57 cm
  • height: 42 cm
  • width: 18 cm

Dimensions of the folding wine rack when closed:

  • length: 55 cm
  • height: 9 cm
  • width: 18 cm

If you are looking for a solution for storing more than 10 bottles, we recommend our wine grids, the largest version of which is suitable for storing up to 25 bottles: