Magnum box for 1.5 liter bottles


Magnum box for 1.5 liter bottles.


Wooden wine box for magnum bottles

Winemakers have always been preoccupied with the way wines and wine bottles are stored. In France, the XVIII. s. in the second half, they wanted to increase the size of the bottles by simply doubling the normal (0.75 l) bottle. The bottles thus created were excellent for storing champagne. According to other sources, the first magnum was not invented in the land of bubbles, but in Bordeaux. This size was thought to be best suited for maturing large red cuvées. The storage and transport of larger bottles also made the everyday life of winemakers easier. In terms of volume to volume ratio, either red wine or champagne could be matured optimally in the double bottle. Many experts argue that it was not scientific considerations that prompted the winemakers to increase the size of the bottle. Rather, they sought to emphasize the magnitude of the content inherent in it, since even today, without exception, only special, special items from large vintages can be placed in the giant glass.

The 1.5 liter magnum box can hold either a bottle of champagne or a bottle of wine. The wooden box made of pine keeps the glass safe with an elegant metal buckle. Thanks to its closed shape, you don’t have to worry about getting dirty or damaged in the drink or the label of the drink in case of prolonged storage.