Paris Electrique – rechargeable electric salt grinders and pepper grinders

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A rechargeable, electric version of Peugeot’s best-known grinder

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Peugeot’s most popular grinder, Paris, is finally in electric version too!

This is the first all-electric electric grinder. Powered by rechargeable Lithium batteries. In its appearance, the classic Paris, with the fantastic comfort and efficiency of electric grinders, is also perfectly usable in “one-handed” mode. 34 cm high, available in three colors, delivered in an elegant box. The body of the grinder is made in France from beech wood. Inside, the latest generation electric motor serves.

Paris Électrique grinders have a Peugeot patented u’Select mechanism, which makes it extremely easy to adjust the grinding fineness. All you have to do is turn the bottom ring to select the six different grinding finenesses. The grinder itself is made of steel, so high wear resistance and an optimally designed cutting edge are guaranteed separately for salt and pepper. Peugeot grinders are guaranteed by the manufacturer for their service life.

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Peugeot History:

When the Peugeot name is heard, cars, scooters, or bicycles come to mind first. However, the history of the company began quite differently, with the textile business of the founder Jean-Pierre Peugeot. As a result of his work, he left a mill for his sons, which the brothers converted around 1810 and began to produce rolled steel.
The Peugeot Brothers (Peugeot Fréres) initially made springs, saw blades, hand tools, as well as coffee grinders and women’s skirt tires. Steel mill products were so popular that they were used in many parts of France. Good quality and impeccably functioning goods have become a popular tool in cafes and restaurants.
In 1885, a turning point came in the company’s profile: the automotive industry appeared. Over the years, cars have become the most important products of the company. However, the success of mill products is demonstrated by the fact that they have been manufactured and marketed around the world for more than a century.
Be part of the Peugeot experience!

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