Peugeot Baltaz Dark – Lever corkscrew, black


Lever corkscrew – rabbit opener from Peugeot


Wine opening is covered in a separate chapter by even the most renowned winemakers. Opening bottles, even if it’s even older wine, is often a lot of effort, but less successful. It’s important to know that it’s not always the case that the wrong stopper is stuck to the neck of the bottle or the sealing cork is just breaking. In most cases, the wrong wine opener will cause the problem. Opening a bottle at the wrong angle is doomed to failure from the outset, not to mention that wine left sealed during a guest can cause unpleasant moments. With the Peugeot Baltaz Dark opener, you should not have such a problem.

The Peugeot Baltaz Dark lever corkscrew makes it extremely easy to open any bottle. The side arms of the wine opener firmly surround the neck of the wine bottle, and then the stopper can be pulled out effortlessly with two movements with the upper arm. When it comes to ergonomics, Peugeot engineers put a lot of emphasis on ergonomics, with the result that the Baltaz Dark black ABS plastic arms, with their finely grained coating, fit very well in the hand.

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Perhaps you didn’t even know that Mr. Peugeot didn’t start his career in car manufacturing, but designed various grinders. Grinders and even agricultural tools were his first products. Over the decades, it has implemented more and more technical innovations and has slowly made its way into automotive manufacturing. Until then, however, it has come a long way and this long journey has had results to this day. For example, this is a corkscrew, commonly known as a ‘rabbit’ opener. Precise perfection of engineering work. It is easy and simple to use, requires no expertise.

The Baltaz Dark wine opener contains more plastic parts than the basic Baltaz versions. The advantage is that it fits in a small space, so you can store it either in the kitchen drawer or on the counter. We sell it in a practical, sophisticated and elegant gift box (with a spare spiral and a capsule cutter in the package), so you don’t have to bother with the package when giving a gift.

This product is available in black.