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Peugeot Elis electric Corkscrew

Simple to use, with high performance and a pleasing appearance, the Peugeot Elis rechargeable electric corkscrew is a treat for all wine lovers and connoisseurs. This electric corkscrew has been designed to open the finest vintages or simple local wines equally effortlessly in just a few seconds. It will fit any bottle and remove any type of cork. Once positioned on the bottle, a single press on the lower part of the button will ensure that the corkscrew goes into the cork to then take it out of the bottle. A second press on the upper part of the button will remove the corkscrew from the cork. This rechargeable electric corkscrew is supplied in a case with its charger. Its design in stainless steel makes it a very beautiful contemporary object for home or for restaurants.


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Peugeot Elis Electric Corkscrew

Peugeot Elis Electric Corkscrew