Two-stage corkscrew


Two-step Vin Bouquet corkscrew.


Two-step corkscrew

The most famous winemakers also discuss wine opening in a separate chapter. Opening bottles, even if it’s even older wine, is often a lot of effort, but less successful. It’s important to know that it’s not always the case that the wrong stopper is stuck to the neck of the bottle or the sealing cork is just breaking. In most cases, the wrong wine opener will cause the problem. Opening a bottle at the wrong angle is doomed to failure from the outset, not to mention that wine left sealed during a guest can cause unpleasant moments.

The Vin Bouquet wine opener is guaranteed not to let you down. Leaning on the edge of the glass, the two-stage corkscrew begins to lift the plug perpendicularly, so it does not have to be chipped or broken into the neck of the glass, and the ergonomic design of the handle makes wine opening an experience. Using the two-stage corkscrew, you can open wines quickly and easily in no time, all without effort.


The wine opener is made of quality ingredients. Thanks to the excellent ingredients, the life of the product is almost infinite. The advantage of a corkscrew is that it fits in a small space, so you can store it either in the kitchen drawer or on the counter. We sell it in practical and demanding packaging, so you don’t have to bother with packaging even when giving a gift.

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Corkscrew in practical, high-quality packaging

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Two-step corkscrew

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Easy and simple to use