Vinturi Reserve wine aeration for red wine


Elegant acrylic wine vent for red wine


Vinturi Reserve Premium Quick Vent for Red Wines

The original Vinturi wine vent will bring the true taste of excellent wines to your home. The product is primarily used for the “purification” and aeration of older wines. In the past, wine was poured into a decanting jug and ventilated for hours. With Vinturi fans, this time can be shortened without losing the quality of the drink. In a restaurant or a dinner with friends with traditional ventilation, you have to wait 1-3.5 hours for your favorite wine to tame and show its true aroma. Obviously no one has that much time or patience for this. The Vinturi ventilator helps with this. It aerates our wine quickly and perfectly, making it edible in no time.

The Vinturi Reserve wine vent is the premium version of the already well-known and proven classic Vinturi wine vent. Its design is elegant enough to be used at formal dinners and events.

The wine ventilator is made of high-quality, pure acrylic material, does not contain moving parts, so it cannot fail, so its service life is virtually infinite. Only proper and regular cleaning should be used for its use. We sell it in practical and demanding packaging, so you don’t have to bother with packaging when giving a gift. The Vinturi Reserve red wine quick vent comes with an acrylic holder to protect the tablecloth from possible red wine drops and a cleaning kit


  1. Rinse with clean water before first use
  2. Hold the Vinturi Reserve quick vent over the wine glass and be careful not to get your hands caught in the vents on the side of the product.
  3. Pour the wine into the Vinturi ventilator with medium vigor so that it is about halfway with the wine. If you pour too little wine at once, the physical principle that the ventilator works will not be realized.
  4. Vinturi fans make a unique sound during operation, indicating that the wine has been mixed with the right amount of air.


  1. Rinse the quick vent after each use
  2. The product is dishwasher safe
  3. Wipe the ventilator drip-free with the microfiber cloth provided
  4. Remove any remaining wine or water deposits with the brushes provided