Vinturi wine aeration stand for white wines


Vinturi wine vent for white wines


The original Vinturi wine ventilator also takes the real world of excellent wines into your home. The product is primarily used for the “purification” and aeration of older wines. In the past, wine was poured into a decanting jug and ventilated for hours. With Vinturi fans, this time can be shortened without the drink losing its quality. In a restaurant or a dinner of friends with traditional ventilation, you have to wait 1-3.5 hours for your favorite wine to tame and show its true aroma. Obviously no one has that much time or patience for this. The Vinturi ventilator helps with this. It ventilates our wine quickly and excellently, making it edible in no time. With the stand version shown in the picture, you can offer wine to your guests and friends comfortably and elegantly.

Please note that this product is for the ventilation of white wines! Of course we also offer it for red winesVinturi wine vent, which you can buy in our webshop. 

The wine aeration is made of quality raw materials. Thanks to the excellent ingredients, the life of the product is almost infinite. The advantage of the Vinturi wine ventilator is that it fits in a small space, so you can store it either in the kitchen drawer or on the counter. We sell it in practical and demanding packaging, so you don’t have to bother with packaging even when giving a gift. Try our product, you will not regret it!

For this set, we recommend the decanter also in glass, which you can also order through our webshop.