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Artificial aging of wine in seconds


Peugeot wine key – an essential wine maturing tool

The wine key has been known and used in professional circles for decades. With the help of the Peugeot wine key, we can speed up the maturation of the wine and experience the future properties of the wine in a matter of seconds. We can adjust our drink to our taste in seconds, and with the help of it we can find out what the given item will become over the years, whether it is worth “putting away” for a long time.

By keeping the metal alloy at the end of the wine key in the drink, the wine is matured during a chemical reaction. One second of contact with the wine means one year of maturation. The special composition of the metal alloy is provided by a patent. Works with all types of wine. A popular wine tool not only for experienced wine consumers! The word Peugeot means excellent quality, which you can enjoy by buying this product!

The Peugeot wine key exists in two different sizes: the Service model is larger, so it is practical for home use, while the Travel design is smaller, so we can easily take it with us on wine tastings and trips.


Peugeot company history:

When the Peugeot name is heard, everyone first comes to mind about cars. However, the history of the French company took a completely different path to world conquest. The history of the Peugeot company began with Jean-Pierre Peugeot, who entered the textile industry. As a result of his work, he left his sons, Jean-Pierre and Jean-Frédéric Peugeot, a fabric painting workshop, an oil factory and a mill. Around 1810, the two boys converted the mill near Montbéliard and set out to produce rolled steel. The Peugeot Brothers (Peugeot Fréres) initially made springs, saw blades, hand tools, as well as coffee grinders and women’s skirt tires. Steel mill products were so popular that they were used in many parts of France. Good quality and impeccably functioning goods have become a popular tool in cafes and restaurants. In 1885, a turning point came in the company’s profile: the automotive industry appeared. Over the years, cars have become the most important products of the company. However, the success of mill products is demonstrated by the fact that they have been manufactured and marketed around the world for more than a century. Be part of the Peugeot experience!

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