Wine set, 7 parts, Vinturi


Wine set, the perfect gift for wine lovers


Wine set from Vinturi:

The Vinturi 7-piece wine set is the perfect gift for wine lovers, in which we can get all the tools to open the bottle, fill the wine, and preserve the remaining wine. Supplied in decorative packaging.

The set contains:

Vinturi rabbit type wine opener: with the side arms of the corkscrew, hold the bottle firmly, then push the upper lever down, thus pulling the cork out of the bottle. Durable opening made of metal alloy. It comes with a capsule cutter and a spare spiral.

Vinturi wine pourer that can be filled from the bottle without drops.

Vinturi vacuum pump: is used to pump out the air in the open bottle, thus preventing the oxidation of the remaining wine. This method preserves the freshness of the wine left in the bottle for a few days. The vacuum pump also provides two vacuum plugs.

Vinturi became known for its rapid aeration of wines. In the past, wine was poured into a decanting jug and ventilated for hours. With innovative Vinturi fans, this time can be shortened without the drink losing its quality. In a restaurant or a dinner with friends with traditional ventilation, you have to wait 1-3 hours for your favorite wine to tame and show its true aroma. Obviously no one has that much time or patience for this. The Vinturi ventilator helps with this. You can see the rack fan for red wine at the following link: