Wine storage cabinet


Elegant wine storage furniture.


Have you ever been able to store your wines and drinks just by stopping on the floor or plugging them into various gaps in the basement or in your home? Have you ever had to squeeze your glass all the time during a party or just a visit to a cellar because you couldn’t put it down anywhere? The wine storage table provides a solution to these problems at the same time. Various drinks can be stored in the storage compartments, which is also practical for occasional wine tastings or at a reception, as both glasses and open wine bottles fit on top. The drawer can hold corkscrews and other accessories that are essential for drinking wine. It can be conveniently placed in an apartment or basement.

Cabinet dimensions: 113cm high, 58cm wide, 28cm deep.

Inner account size: 10cm high, 45cm wide, 20cm deep. These sizes are sufficient to accommodate a variety of wine accessories, e.g. to fit corkscrews.

The cup holder can hold 6-9 glasses for approx. The number of pieces may vary due to the diameter of the glass base.

The distance between the cup holder and the upper glass storage bar is 28 cm.


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Natural, walnut, White