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Manual vacuum pump

You must have had a few glasses of wine left in the bottle after lunch or dinner. In this case, the simple solution is to replace the plug or cap. Yes, but the air has already entered the bottle, so the wine loses its taste and quality during storage. Vin Bouquet has therefore created a vacuum pump that sucks air out of the bottle before sealing. Thus, the drink stays longer and continues to maintain its excellent quality. The ergonomically designed surface and the beautiful design make the product really beautiful and useful.

The high quality of the product is guaranteed by the Vin Bouquet name. The name of the Spanish company is intertwined with wine consumption. Its wine opener and various wine accessories not only help you to consume and store the drink, but also lend a special atmosphere to each bottle.

Comfortable, easy and clean to use, eliminating unpleasant kitchen accidents. No cleaning required. Made from quality parts through Vin Bouquet.

Easy to use: after opening the wine, attach the vacuum stopper to the bottle and use the vacuum pump to pump out the air.

We sell our product in a sophisticated and practical box. The box contains 2 plugs that are interchangeable. (Plugs can be purchased separately in pairs in our webshop.)

Manual vacuum pump dimensions:

  • Height: 24.6 cm
  • Width: 9.2 cm
  • Depth: 5 cm
  • Weight: 0.181 kg
FIC003 copy

Manual vacuum pump with 2 plugs

FIC003pack copy

Manual vacuum pump in a practical box