Coravin models

Preserve the quality of your “opened” wines even after months. With Coravin, you can enjoy every drop of your drink in original quality without breaking down.

How does it work?

Holds Value

Don’t throw out your finest wines just because they haven’t run out in time. Sell every drop of your wine at any time after the first filling.

The usual pleasure

Wine tasted with Coravin can be served in the same quality even after 2 years, as the bottle does not get air at one filling.

Gastro experience

With a wine unpacked with Coravin, your guests get what they expect. And when poured at the table, they will have a real experience.

Coravin greatly helps us with the elegant service and quality of our wines and our work. While using the Coravin, we have the opportunity to stop and talk to guests even in heavy crowded traffic and this always enhances the experience for our guests.

Bánhidi Róbert

Deputy Store Manager, Biarritz Restaurant & Café

It is a great pleasure to work with Coravin and Színfolt Kft. The product is reliable and elegant, very easy to use. Wonderful tool, used with maximum satisfaction every day.

Pintér Noémi

wine tourism manager, Kovács Nimród Winery

How does it work?

Is this a corkscrew?

Yes, and no. The Coravin needle sucks out the wine through the stopper, so you don’t have to break the bottle to taste the wine.

How long does the wine retain its "unopened" quality?

According to the manufacturer’s tests, the quality of the wine will be the same for almost 2 years, as if it had not been opened.

What tests prove that the wine poured by Coravin is like unopened?

The manufacturer continuously tests Coravin systems and performs blind tests with wine experts. Based on tests by more than 500 wine experts, there is no difference between the quality of unopened and the quality of wine digested by Coravin.

What is needed to operate?

Coravin is powered by an argon gas bottle that does not get into the wine.

Does the bottle need closing?

No. Wait a few seconds, then the plug will tighten.

Is there a warranty on Coravin products?

Yes, we offer a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

How long does a Coravin capsule last?

Basically approx. suitable for filling 15 glasses of wine, but depending on the method of use.

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