Corkscrew and vacuum pump set – Vin Bouquet


Corkscrew and vacuum pump set. Practical, easy-to-handle pieces that keep you the perfect quality of your drink, even after many openings. And the Vin Bouquet name guarantees the traditionally beautiful elegance of corkscrew and vacuum pump products.

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Corkscrew and vacuum pump set

Vin Bouquet products are available not only individually but also as a set. In compiling them, the Spanish company made a special effort to make the products consistent with each other. The corkscrew and vacuum pump set provide you with the technical background to open, close and close the wine at the same time.

The corkscrew is a very practical piece, the wine can be opened with a few easy movements. Unfortunately, most corkscrews destroy or, worse, break the cork when the drink is opened. Vin Bouquet products penetrate the glass at right angles thanks to the double-sided safety, so – unlike traditional and simple corkscrews – they do not even cut old corks. Stoppers that have been removed in perfect condition can be easily and simply reinserted into the bottle when sealed, preserving the drink’s previous quality and taste.

Another element of the set is the vacuum pump, which is as comfortable as a corkscrew. Due to the lack of proper tools, most wine consumers do not pay attention to the process of resealing and deaerating the wine, so the wine loses its quality. In this Vin Bouquet set, a vacuum pump has been installed to address this shortcoming. This allows the trapped air to be removed from the bottle so that the bottle can be sealed airtight. Thus, despite the many openings, the drink does not lose its taste and quality.

The corkscrew and vacuum pump set are sold with interchangeable plugs and in high-quality packaging. The products can also be purchased separately in our webshop.