Nancy – acrylic salt grinder and pepper grinder in several sizes

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Peugeot Nancy acrylic salt grinder and pepper grinder

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Peugeot Nancy salt grinder and pepper grinder. Premium quality, modern and elegant transparent acrylic design that awakens the senses.

Peugeot revolutionized gastronomy in 1874, when the first table salt grinder, the “Model Z,” appeared on the market. The Nancy Salt Grinder and Pepper Grinder carries on this legacy with its simple operation and elegant design.

The Peugeot Nancy salt grinder and pepper grinder are completely transparent thanks to their sophisticated acrylic material, making them look durable and universal. It looks good in any style of kitchen and dining table. The transparency of the salt mill and pepper mill also has practical advantages: we cannot confuse the grinders by accident, and it is always clear when it is advisable to refill. Last but not least, for the fans of spices, the sight of the spice will arouse the appetite. In pairs, a suitable tray can further enhance the look, such as the Linéa tray:

The Nancy Salt Grinder and Pepper Grinder is a practical, easy-to-use traditional manual spice grinder that guarantees a freshly ground taste in your food. The button on the top of the grinder can be used to adjust the fineness of grinding: the tighter the knob, the finer the grind. As with all Peugeot spice grinders, the grinder is made of steel for durability, and each grinder is specifically designed for the particular spice, allowing the Peugeot factory to optimize the cutting edge design that best fits the particular spice.

Spice grinders are kept in many households, but Peugeot grinders are not just for a day or a charge. Peugeot’s centuries-old experience is in itself a guarantee of excellent salt grinders and pepper mills, as evidenced by the fact that Peugeot provides a lifetime guarantee for all steel grinders.

Peugeot History:
When the Peugeot name is heard, cars, or even bicycles, come to mind first. However, the history of the company began quite differently, with the textile business of the founder Jean-Pierre Peugeot. As a result of his work, he left a mill for his sons, which the brothers converted around 1810 and began to produce rolled steel.
The Peugeot Brothers (Peugeot Fréres) initially made springs, saw blades, hand tools, as well as coffee grinders and women’s skirt tires. Steel mill products were so popular that they were used in many parts of France. Good quality and impeccably functioning goods have become a popular tool in cafes and restaurants.
In 1885, a turning point came in the company’s profile: the automotive industry appeared. Over the years, cars have become the most important products of the company. However, the success of mill products is demonstrated by the fact that they have been manufactured and marketed around the world for more than a century.
Be part of the Peugeot experience!

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