Wine bar, wine rack on the wall


Special wine shelf made of hardwood.




Wine bar. An oiled wooden stick holds the wine bottles so you can not only store your drinks simply and practically, but also give your wines style and elegance. The wall mounting is done with galvanized metal brackets that are machined from high quality metal. Has it ever happened to you that in the absence of enough space in your cellar or home, you could only store your wines and drinks by stopping them on the floor or plugging them into various gaps? With our product, this is over once and for all. The wall-mounted wine bar offers you a solution. Made of strong, high-quality wood to decorate your home or basement for a long time. Wood treated with pickling is resistant to wet, watery cellars.

Due to the small footprint and decorative appearance of the product, a small kitchen in the cellar can be an ideal wine storage. It can be conveniently placed in an apartment or basement. It is guaranteed to create a real wine cellar atmosphere in your home. In making it, we strived to be seen not only as simple furniture, but also as an essential accessory for wine consumption.

The dimensions of the wine bar are 59 cm high, 9 cm wide and 4 cm deep. Our product is easy, simple and quick to assemble. For assembly, a screw or dowel is included, which you will find in the box.

If you have more space in your home or basement, please also check out this product. You are guaranteed not to be disappointed.

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wine shelf

Beech version of the wine shelf.