Wine thermometer


Vin Bouquet Wine thermometer, analog.


Analog wine thermometer


Choosing the temperature of the wine is very important for wine consumers. Different types of wines at different temperatures provide only a perfect taste. Failure to achieve the ideal temperature is the so-called can lead to ‘staying in a bottle’, which degrades the quality of the drink. The wine thermometer does not measure with an electronic system, but with an analog system. By placing it on the side of the bottle, you can find out the temperature of the drink in an instant. The display clearly shows the temperature status of the beverage.


In many cases, wine thermometers measure incorrectly, resulting in erroneous results. The batteries required for their operation heat up the glass wall due to inadequate insulation, which distorts the measurement. Wine consumers know that even a few degrees of difference matters a lot in the quality of the drink. The analog wine thermometer does not contain an electronic structure and does not require recharging. The name Vin Bouquet is a guarantee of perfect quality, which allows your wine thermometer to always and always show the true value.


The practical and simple appearance of the wine thermometer as well as its easy use allow for quick measurement. And the scale on it helps novice wine consumers.


Ideal temperatures for different wines:

  • For red wines: 12°-18°C
  • For rosé wines: 9°-12°C
  • For white wines: 8°-11°C
  • For sparkling wines: 6°-7°C
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Wine thermometer in a box


Wine thermometer in use