Classic corkscrew


Classic Vin Bouquet corkscrew.


Classic corkscrew


A classic corkscrew designed specifically to allow the cap to be removed from the bottle without damage when opened. For many similar products, we may find that the opening is at the wrong angle, or pulling the plug out is a real torment from the bottle. More than once, we are faced with the fact that wine opening takes more time and energy than consumption itself. Not to mention that many tend to give up the experience of drinking wine due to unsuccessful attempts. With the classic corkscrew manufactured by Vin Bouquet, you can be sure that opening the bottle will be easy and simple. The product begins to lift the stopper at a right angle to the wall of the glass, so it does not cut it apart. The removed seal does not fall to the ground after opening, but remains in the top of the product until it is removed. The intact and clean stopper left in this way can be put back in the glass at any time, without having to worry about contaminating its contents. Consuming wine will thus be a complete and lasting experience.


The black and gray color of the corkscrew gives the product an elegant look. It is a fast and safe solution for opening wine bottles. The Vin Bouquet name is a guarantee of an impeccable aesthetic experience and long-lasting reliable quality.


Recommended not only for advanced wine consumers, but for anyone who loves to make wine opening smooth. Perfect gift for wine lovers.