Decanter glass


Decanter glass


Decanter glass

A traditionally blown glass decanter that is an essential accessory for wine consumption. It is made of very clean, beautiful and thick-walled glass. It is definitely useful when consuming older red wines, but it is also an elegant product for table serving.

Why is decantation important?

The most common cause of decantation is ventilation. The smell of many younger wines is closed, in which case the wine gets more oxygen during the transfer and opens up to the consumer. This can help especially with full-bodied tannic wines like cabernet sauvignon, syrah, or blends of these. It takes time for the wine to open, to show itself in all its splendor. This amount of time varies, it also depends on the sensitivity and expectations of the taster, as there are those who like animated scents. We suggest a much shorter decantation for them. A few 10 minutes will help, but even several hours of aeration may be recommended. Over time, the wine in the jug is tasted several times until they reach the right character. Another aspect is to leave the sediments in the mature wine in a bottle during decantation. This decantation must be carried out in such a way that the sediment at the bottom of the bottle is not stirred during the transfer, but that the wine above it is carefully transferred continuously to the jug.

Product cleaning:

The product is easy, simple and quick to clean. Traditionally, they are cleaned with a special tool, but the same operation can be done with any other kitchen tool. The decanter can also be cleaned in the dishwasher, although at a strictly low temperature (for example: 40 ° C).

Decanter capacity: 0.75 liters.