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Vin Bouquet Cup Marker Set.


Cup Marker



At garden parties and parties, it is often the case that guests put down the drinks in their hands. After a while, however, they no longer remember which glass belonged to them. The easiest solution in this case is to buy a new, clean glass, but this will result in a lot of laundry. Plenty of used glasses don’t look good on counters and make tables opaque. By using the cup marker, this problem can be eliminated. By marking the glasses / mugs, our drink can be noticed from afar, thus avoiding the inconveniences of confusion. Make your guests transparent by using the Vin Bouquet Glass Marker!



Many times, poor quality glass markers simply start to dissolve in the glass or just wear out due to the corrosive effect of the alcoholic beverage. Improper figure shapes, though, can ruin the whole occasion. The name Vin Bouquet is an excellent guarantee that this will not happen in your household. Your glass marker will be at your service without any harmful emissions for a long time, giving a fun, lively, youthful atmosphere to your glass and drink.


Each package includes 8 cup markers that are easy and simple to clean.



The package contains different patterns of markers:

  • Snail shell
  • Mill
  • Star
  • Fire
  • Mail
  • Butterfly
  • Shell
FIA010butterfly copia


FIA010fire copia


FIA010leaf copy


FIA010marine copia


FIA010marine2 copy

Snail shell

FIA010marine3 copy

Snail shell

FIA010mill copia


FIA010star copy


 FIA010foto copia