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Peugeot Melchior Sommelier's corkscrew

The Peugeot Melchior Dark corkscrew is a classic sommelier type model. In appearance only, because this extremely ingenious system, originated by Peugeot and acting in two axes of rotation, makes it possible for you to uncork any bottle in a single movement. This manual corkscrew also incorporates a foil cutter and a bottle cap remover. Compact, perfectly ergonomic and extremely robust, this tool is a splendid companion for all connoisseurs and travellers – you can take this anywhere, and almost everywhere. The design features very pure lines, making this corkscrew a truly beautiful everyday object, available in two finishes: the satin aluminium look for the Dark version and the gunmetal appearance for the Basalt version. Removing a cork or a cap from a bottle and hearing that characteristic small sound that it makes – these are the small rituals and preliminary moments that play their own part in the pleasure of tasting a good wine or a mouthful of beer.


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Peugeot Melchior Corkscrew

Peugeot Melchior Corkscrew