So-Fresh refrigerator for wines and champagnes


Box features: 195x195x195 mm.

Size of the upper opening: 95×95 mm

It comes with 2 cooling gels.

The roof can be easily snapped off to insert the cooling gel.

The box is well logoable.


Everyone loves champagne and white wines chilled. There is nothing more pleasant than sipping chilled drinks on the terrace. However, this requires an ice bucket or other similar device. A lot of ice, a lot of water and a soaked tablecloth are faced by anyone who chooses this mode of cooling. Or it doesn’t cool the drink on the table, but then you have to drink it quickly because it heats up in minutes.

This can be avoided by using the So-Fresh refrigerator. Excellent cork box with first class insulation. Outside with an aesthetic matte black / white or rose-colored finish. The cold is provided by a special cooling gel (2 pcs). Not the well-known blue medical gel, which heats up very quickly and becomes liquid

It is very easy to use: put the cooling gel in the freezer (between -18 and -22 ° C) for 6-12 hours. Then place it in the box and snap the lid back on. You can already use the fridge on the table and So-Fresh is our drink.

According to the official test, stable cooling in the box between 2-8 ° C is guaranteed for 4 hours, but according to our own test, this can be much longer. Chilled white wine was placed in the box at room temperature, and after 11 hours, the wine reached a temperature of 8 ° C. This period is of course shorter on the summer evening terrace, but it is certainly enough. And there are no puddles, soaked tablecloths and lots and lots of melted ice.

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Black, Rose, White