“Ah-So” plug lifter


Classic Vin Bouquet plug lifter

""Ah-So" is a plug lifter, also known as a "butler's friend." Its origin is from the XVIII. dates back to the 16th century, where the nobles lovingly opened their various beverages with the help of this. The butler uses this method of opening the wine to avoid the cork chips leaving the beverage when opened. Thus, the wine remained clean and intact. In many cases, a stopper of poor quality may be inserted into the glass. Over the years, due to the corrosive effect of alcohol, cork stoppers disintegrate, wear out, and break into pieces when the bottle is opened. We can carelessly fall victim to this accident during our guests, which is why Vin Bouquet has "re-created" the traditional two-knife plug lifter. With this, you don’t have to worry about opening an old wine.

So the legendary plug lifter is now back among us again. Recommended for removing / opening aged wines and old corks. Just one move and you can experience the atmosphere of castles and courtyards in your home.

A Vin Bouquet márkanév garantálja a termék magas minőségét. A bornyitó minőségi alapanyagokból készült. A kiváló összetevők révén a termék élethossza csaknem végtelen hosszúságú. A dugóhúzó előnye, hogy kis helyen elfér, ezért tárolhatja akár a konyhafiókban, akár a pulton is. A termék tisztítása egyszerű, csupán pár pillanatot vesz igénybe. Praktikus és igényes csomagolásban árusítjuk, így ajándékozás esetén sem kell Önnek a csomagolással bajlódnia.


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