Vinturi wine cooler for wines and champagnes


Inner diameter: 108 mm


Ice-free, double-walled, stainless steel cooler for wine and champagne

Excellent preservation of the pre-chilled serving temperature for approximately one and a half hours. You don’t need ice to use it, so your table stays clean.

Everyone loves champagne and white wines chilled. There is nothing more pleasant than sipping chilled drinks on the terrace. However, this requires an ice bucket or other similar device. A lot of ice, a lot of water and a soaked tablecloth are faced by anyone who chooses this mode of cooling. Or it doesn’t cool the drink on the table, but then you have to drink it fast because it heats up in minutes.

The result of our own test: 6-7 ° C, pre-chilled white wine was placed in the refrigerator at 22 ° C room temperature. After 1 hour 40 minutes, the wine temperature only rose to 10 ° C. This period is of course shorter on the summer terrace, but it’s definitely enough, you usually run out of a bottle of drink during that time. The really big advantage, though, is that since we don’t use ice, there’s no dripping water, no puddles, and no soaked tablecloths.